A Review: 101 Ways to Earn Money from Home


I was recently given the great pleasure of reading the newest eBook by H. Jayne, 101 Ways to Earn Money From Home.  H. Jayne (Hayley) is the mastermind behind the personal finance blog, Disease Called Debt, where she chronicles her journey of ridding herself of debt for good. As of this month, Hayley and her husband are officially debt free!

Having gone through this process herself, Hayley has firsthand knowledge and experience in earning money through unconventional methods. Throughout the eBook, 101 Ways to Earn Money from Home, Hayley describes numerous ways for normal people to earn a few extra bucks. The best part? You can work in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home!

In her book, Hayley hits the nail on the head and mentions many work from home scenarios that I had never considered. The book is very easy to read and offers additional resources if you are interested in pursuing various opportunities. Hayley also gives her readers a snapshot into her own personal story, which allows you the chance to relate to the author.

Being on a similar journey myself, I found the content in Hayley’s book very interesting and helpful. I’m always on the hunt to find different ways to earn money. Earning money from home is an added bonus. I was extremely excited to read her book to learn new ways to make some extra cash.

Some of my favorite money-making suggestions from Hayley’s book include:

  • Freelance writing
  • eBook publishing
  • Pet sitting and boarding
  • Becoming on online juror
  • Making greeting cards
  • Reading emails

If you are looking for fun, easy, or unique ways to make money by working at home, I encourage you to check out this book. It is available for download on Amazon for $2.99.  If you find it useful, show some love and leave your positive feedback as a product review.

Have you already read this eBook? Excited to read it? Share your thoughts and comments below!


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