July Update and August Goals


As part of this blog, I fully intend to post monthly goals. I feel that having short-term goals is an easy way to keep me focused. Even if I lose sight of these goals, I can look back half-way through the month and get right back on track. Better to start late than never, right?

 While I did not start Busted Budget until the end of July, I did start the month with a few goals in mind.

 Here’s a recap of how they went:

 July Goals

  • Pay a total of $2200 toward our debt

Success! Our last pay day of July was 6/31 and I had $183 left to pay in order to hit this goal. When I did the calculations (bills, gas, grocery…), there was $163 extra that we could have easily put toward the debt. That meant a $20 difference in whether this goal would be a success or not. So, I decided I wanted to hit this goal more than I wanted an extra $20 sitting in the account.

  • Pay cash for baby/bridal showers and wedding gifts this month

Success! This month I had a bridal shower, a baby shower, and a wedding. That means gifts, which means money!!! I managed to plan well and put this expense in the budget at the beginning of the month.

[side note – sometimes being a girl is expensive :( ]

  • Sell something to make extra $$$!

Success! We sold a TV stand that wasn’t being used anymore for $15. Dude didn’t even try to haggle! Also, last weekend I went through my closet (it took me 5 hours) to get rid of some things. Boy, am I glad I did. I sold them to a clothing resale store (my side hustle) and made $105! Total money made from selling items in July: $120

Success/Fail? I contacted our agent and there were no additional discounts to be had. After I reviewed the laundry list of discounts we are already taking advantage of, I wasn’t too surprised. This goal was to *check* for discounts, not to actually score any discounts, so this is technically a success, right? :)

 And there you have it – July was a pretty darn successful month. I have high hopes for August. I can already tell you that it has started off wonderfully. This morning, Melanie over at Dear Debt gave me an awesome shout out. She’s freakin’ awesome, y’all. Seriously, go check her out (even though most of you are probably here because of her – ha!). Her How My Blog Changed My Life series is a big reason I wanted to start this blog.

August Goals

  • Pay $2240 to debt
  • Save up an additional $100 for my weekend trip next month
  • No clothes purchased! This one is going to be hard. I work in a clothing store!

I think that’s aggressive enough for now. Have a good weekend! What’s everyone got planned? 


Photo courtesy of morgueFile