The Versatile Blogger Award


I will honestly say that I don’t know where this award originated, nor do I care – this is my first blogger award, baby!  I have been nominated by Kassandra over at More Than Just Money to share 7 little known facts about myself.  After all the fun and games, I will then nominate 7 additional bloggers to do the same.  Here goes nothing…

  1. Chipotle is my life.  Seriously.  I feel like I’m always craving it!  And I feel like I’ve finally perfected my burrito bowl – white rice, corn salsa, hot salsa, lettuce, cheese.  Who knew I’d like a veggie bowl?? It’s so good!!
  2. I puffy heart London.  I went to London in 2007 for a study abroad program in college.  I was there for two weeks and fell in love.  America is like a little baby country compared to Europe.  They have so much history.  I love so much about London.  I will go back someday.
  3. I have 2 tattoos.  My first tattoo was planned.  I knew what I wanted and scheduled an appointment with a tattoo artist recommended by a friend.  My friend and I both got tattoos that day.  My second tattoo was very spontaneous.  I got it while I was in London.  Talk about a long plane ride home!
  4. I once had 11 piercings at one time.  It started in high school.  I was 16 when I got my belly button pierced.  Next, it was my nose at 17.  My the time I was a legal adult, I had 11 piercings.  Most were in my ears…others were not.  I have a few left – I still have my belly button, I have 3 in each earlobe, and I have an industrial.
  5. I hate being barefoot.  Even when I’m home, I prefer to have at least socks or slippers on at all times.  I have no explanation for this.  It is what it is…
  6. In college, I once got an A on a paper inspired by a South Park episode.  I took a British Literature class in college and we had an assignment to re-write the satire, A Modest Proposal by Johnathan Swift, using an original idea. (If you’ve never read this, you will probably think what I wrote is *awful*) South Park inspired me to write about putting homeless people to work as maids and butlers.  My teacher’s exact words were, “this is an A paper.”
  7. I have a terrible habit of not taking my makeup off at night.  It’s awful, I know.  I just wait too long and then I’m so tired all I want to do is go straight to bed.  But, I got my very first facial over the weekend and I’m determined to start taking care of my face!

 And the 7 bloggers I nominate are:

  1. Michelle @ The Shop My Closet Project
  2. The Money Pincher
  3. Melissa @ Sunburnt Saver
  4. Kayla @ Shoeaholic No More
  5. No More Waffles
  6. Megan @ Megan and Eggs
  7. Hayley @ Disease Called Debt


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