Are You Maximizing Your Employer’s Health & Wellness Benefits?


The desire to be healthy and live a balanced life is not a new idea. We, as people, strive to better ourselves physically as we know it will provide benefits in others area of life. It’s no secret that a person in good physical shape will often have more energy, an increased ability to concentrate, and sleep better than those with a more sedentary lifestyle.

While striving for health and wellness, we find ourselves making New Year’s resolutions, joining the local gym, and taking part in the latest diet craze. But, what if we aren’t looking in the right places for help to achieve these goals? Many times, employers will offer benefits to employees that will aide in bettering physical health and wellness. Unfortunately, many people either aren’t aware or don’t participate in these programs.

So, why do employers offer benefits that support better health? For the some of the same reasons we want to be in better health – their employees will likely have more energy and better concentration as a result, which can lead to improved work performance. The programs offered can differ on a vast level. Some may offer discounts. Others may offer money. While I cannot describe each and every wellness incentive out there, I can provide first hand details on those offered by my husband’s employer and mine.

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photo credit: colindunn via photopin cc

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